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Legend: The Newest and Best Nurse Kits in the Industry ?

We are a small company and therefore care for the school we are working with as well as the students. And what everyone to have the best experience possible. We will work with every school individually to meet their exact needs. We customize kits like no one else in the business. YOU decide what goes in your kit, YOU decide the style of your bag, YOU decide who pays and how the kits are delivered. And YOU decide if changes are needed even in between shipments. We ask schools to make a one year commitment however we will only ship you the kits you need per semester, keeping your space free and clear of any unnecessary bulk. We can even customize the inside of your kit. We can label certain items for certain classes or make different kits for different classes and programs.

Every one of our kits comes with your school name and logo and NO additional charge. And every facility gets the personalized attention of Maribeth Hollern, current RN as well as a nursing educator. See her profile for more information (enter link for profile). She is always up to date on what is current in the field and as well in the classroom.

We make sure to go always go out of our way for our customers. If you need a product please let us know. We are the leader in sourcing hard to find products. And we can customize anything from our clinical nurse kits to bedside kits to diagnostics packs. Whatever you need, we can make it happen and in a timely fashion! Don't ever assume there isn't enough time. We have assembled and shipped kits inside of just a couple weeks. We can always make something work for you. If you have a request PLEASE call us. We would love to help!

Maribeth Hollern ?

Maribeth Hollern

My name is Maribeth Hollern and I am currently an Adjunct Clinical Nursing Faculty Member for two Michigan universities as well as an active SICU RN. Both of these roles have served me well, and have led me to my third role, as creator and product specialist for Legend Medical.

We tailor make to your specifications Clinical Lab Student Nurse Skills Kits utilizing supplies that reflect current practice thereby benefiting the students and the program alike.

Students are allowed and encouraged to practice their skills before, during and after lab which is an incredible advantage related to skills that require remediation. The students have ownership of their supplies thus mindful of being prepared and responsible.

The Schools of Nursing benefit by significantly reducing lab costs. Yearly inventory and re-ordering becomes unnecessary. Lab set-up time and the need for storage are all but eliminated.

Our kits were highly received at the NLN Education Summit this past September, and what we learned there, is that Student Nurse Skill's kits are the future. Ours are economic, current and customized.

Therefore, I would love to come and show you a sample kit, give you an estimate on what we can do for your program, or just speak with you regarding the features and benefits of skills kits.

Philosophy Statement

My nursing philosophy is dynamic and unique to my belief system.

"Every clinical teacher has a philosophy of clinical teaching, whether they know it or not."
(Gaberson & Oermann, 1999).

  • I believe that statement to be true. Continuous self-reflection is essential to my philosophy of being a clinical educator.
  • I believe that learning is an active process that takes time and varies from learner to learner.
  • I also believe that the learning environment must be supported by a climate of mutual trust and respect to enhance a student's confidence.
  • I believe I have a responsibility to create a link between the classroom and clinical environment.
  • I know my philosophy will continue to evolve as I progress throughout this educational process.

Professional Certifications

Trauma Nurse Core Course and Certification (T.N.C.C)
Advanced Cardiac Life Support (A.C.L.S.)

5 Year


Presently I am a staff RN in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) at Spectrum Health Meijer Heart Center and an adjunct clinical faculty member for local university nursing programs. I have taught in many areas; pediatrics, medical-surgical, oncology, woman's health and Psych. I am actively pursuing my goal of obtaining my Master's of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree from Ferris State University. My plan is to grow as an educator throughout this process and continue my clinical teaching.

10 Year


After receiving my MSN degree I will continue to pursue my Doctorate in nursing. A PhD. in Nursing will enable me to reach my ultimate goal of obtaining a full time faculty position at the university level.

Sample Quotes ?

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Qty. Description Unit Price
360 ea Custom Skills Lab Nursing Student Kit $149.99 ea
360ea Nursing Student Skills Lab Kit $135.00 ea
125 ea Custom Skills Lab Nursing Student Kit $97.75 ea
120 ea Custom LPN Nursing Student Kit $79.00 ea
50 ea Nurse Practitioner Kit $215.00 ea

These quotes are just samples and are based off quantity and other factors. Please contact us for an official, up to date, accurate quote for your facility.

Bookstores We Work With ?

Local School Bookstores
Barnes and Noble

Events ?


National League for Nursing (NLN)


International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL)

INACSL 13th Annual Conference Lanyard Sponsor

Sponsorships ?

INACSL 13th Annual Conference Lanyard Sponsor

Kent State - 5K "Race into Finals" Benefiting Nursing Students
Kent State

2013 Davenport University Excellence in Business Dinner Gala Silver Partner Sponsor
2013 Davenport University Excellence in Business Dinner Gala Silver Partner Sponsor

News ?

2014 NLN Education Summit Exhibitor – Booth # 321 – September 17-19 – Phoenix Arizona

Customer Reviews and References ?


Please contact us for references.


"Maribeth, We are so pleased with the skills kits and messenger bags."

"Everyone LOVES the kits that you put together for us this year—thanks again for all of your help and your prompt responses. Your great customer service is truly appreciated!"

"Hi Maribeth, We just love the new PA kit bags!!!"

...Early delivery, wow – what a change from our last vendor. I've cc'd the bookstore to let them know they will be arriving. Thank you so much for all your help, Maribeth –I look forward to a long partnership."

"I received the sample bag and faculty love it. Students can make use of this well into their practice."

"Our estimates (really rough right now) are that by utilizing the supply bags, our bulk supply costs will decrease by approximately $30,000.00/year.""

"So far your price has beat everyone."

How to Purchase ?

At Legend we try to be extremely easy to work with. There are a number of different ways to purchase from us. Start by contacting Maribeth Hollern to get a quote on your custom nurse kit. Then we can discuss how you would like them delivered and how they will be purchased. Here are the options:

Who can purchase:

- The facility bookstore

- The Nursing program (with lab fees for example)

- The individual student (with credit card by calling Legend or going to our website)

After the program decides who will pay for the kits they then decide how the kits will be shipped, either to the bookstore the nursing program or the student's home. We will be with you every step of the way to help you make these decisions so that it works out best for everyone.

Click here for available items to purchase

Gallery ?

Click here to view our Nurse Kits gallery.

Specials and Products Unique to Legend ?

We can customize any kits from RN to FNP to Nurse Practioner as well as Bedside kits and Diagnostic Packs. Don't see what you are looking for? Just call us, we are leader in sourcing products!

Custom 14fr Foley Tray with Benzalkonium swabsticks instead of iodine to protect your manikins from staining.

Custom 14fr Foley Tray

  • Stop staining your mannequins with iodine/PVP swab sticks!
  • These custom foley trays have a 3 pack of Benzalkonium swab sticks.
  • An innovative manufacturing process provides the maximum amount of silicone coating available.
  • Latex catheter coated internally and externally to resist encrustation and bacterial colonization.
  • Each of the Foley trays contains: compartmentalized prep tray, wrapped Aloetouch 3G gloves, 3 pre-saturated Benzalkonium Chrloide swabsticks, moisture-proof underpad, fenestrated drape, 10ml sterile water syringe, water soluble lube jelly, specimen container with ID label, CSR wrap, and a Silicone-Elastomer coated latex Foley catheter pre-connected to a 400 ml urine meter and 2500 ml drain bag.
  • Mock - Sterile.
  • Available in 14 Fr.

Injection pad by Wallcur. The perfect size for students to practice on (Practi-SimSkin with an epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous layer also now available!)

Injection Pads

Teach a variety of injection techniques using just one innovative simulation aid. Wallcur's Practi-Mini Injecta Pad™ is a more compact (smaller and lighter weight) version of the original Practi-Injecta Pad™.

This compact injection simulator is perfect to include in individual skills packs for students of nursing, EMT, and other allied health classes. With Practi-Mini Injecta Pad™, now each student can practice intradermal, subcutaneous, intramuscular, z-track, and many other injection techniques with their very own injection simulator.

The Practi-Mini Injecta Pad™ measures 5"x5" providing plenty of surface area for students to practice skin puncture resistance and tissue displacement on both the top, and bottom of the pad. At 2-1/2” thick, and plump with Wallcur's exclusive filling, your students will experience the "feeling" of aspiration tension, so vital when mastering I.M. injection techniques. In addition, this thickness provides the opportunity for practice with a variety of different needle lengths.

Help your students overcome the natural fears associated with giving injections. Building muscle memory and mastering injection techniques go hand-in-hand as the more opportunities they have to practice, the more confident they will become.

Watch your students' confidence, and competence, improve as they hone their injection technique skills, safely, with Practi-Mini Injecta Pad™.

Add Wallcur's Practi-Mini Templates™ to increase student skill competency. A perfect accompaniment to the Practi-Mini-Injecta-Pad.

Wallur's new Practi-SimSkin consists of an epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous layer and behaves and feels like real skin. Designed for intradermal injection and handcrafted to produce a "bleb" or "wheel" with either liquid or air injections. Ideal for use with Wallcur's patented Practi-Injecta Pad.

The size of this injection simulator is 3"x3", giving your students plenty of practice area and the option of using multiple needle lengths.

Nurse and educator tested and approved!

For simulation practice only.

Bulk Supplies ?

At Legend we just don't supply kits, we supply everything your program needs. Including anything in your kit in bulk for instructors or testing. As well as furniture for the lab, refurbished items, pumps and accessories and anything else you may need! We will source any hard to find items and give you a fair competitive price…we guarantee it!

Medical Equipment/Repair Parts

  • Hospital beds, furniture, patient lifts, scales, IV poles, rollators, and wheelchairs.
  • Mattresses, pressure prevention products, cushions, repair parts and accessories, and bed pendants.

Medical Supply Kits

  • Custom student kits.

Wound Management

  • Dessings/trays, tape, irrigation solutions, bandages, and casting materials.
  • Irrigation solutions, applicators, antiseptics, and med surg products.

Urological Care

  • Urethral and foley insertion trays/catheters.
  • Collection systems and accessories.

IV Supplies

  • IV starter kits, venous dressing change trays, IV dressings, labels, catheters, and solutions.
  • Administration sets - standard and needle systems.

Respiratory Supplies

  • Respiratory diagnosis and oxygen delivery, suction catheter, and trach trays.
  • Resuscitators, laryngoscopes, and airways.


  • Blood collection systems, training pharmaceuticals, and blood collection systems.
  • Syringes, needles, injectables, sharps containers, and test strips.

Infection Control/Protection

  • Exam/surgical gloves, protective wear, Glo-Germ, and BioHazard.

Nursing Services

  • Nutrition/feeding supplies, bathing/grooming, and admissions.
  • Ostomy, urinary and bowel management, scrubs/lab coats, and maternity.
  • Patient exam and exam room and supplies.


  • Stethoscopes, IDs, blood pressure sets, penlights, organizers, and eye charts.
  • Thermometers and batteries, measuring devices, forks, and hammers.
  • Forceps, scissors, otoscopes, and ophthalmoscopes.

Linens and Patient Safety

  • Linens, gait belts, restraints, alarms, and pad systems.

Headwalls and Accessories

  • Headwalls and accessories.

Rehabilitation Theraphy

  • Exercise bands, balls, tubing, putty, casting tape, splints, and supports.
  • PTA student kits, posters, charts, mobility aids/transfer devices, toileting and bathing aids, and grab bars.

CPR Training and Manikins

  • CPR supplies, manikins, and educational simulators.