Dear Healthcare Provider,

Please allow me to introduce Legend Medical and thank you for your interest and for visiting our website. Legend Medical has become one of the fastest growing Medical and Institutional Suppliers in the USA since beginning our operation in 2006. Actually our parent company, Legend Services Inc., began in 2002 in the medical field of orthopedics specializing in the transportation, inspection and inventory control of surgical instrumentation and sterile implants used in total joint replacement, trauma and spine related surgeries. For twelve years prior to 2002, I was deeply involved on the operations end of the medical, industrial and institutional supply industry.

The experience I acquired in my time in these fields laid the groundwork and set the standards for what would soon become Legend Medical. All of us at Legend Medical are dedicated to the care, comfort, safety and overall well-being of patients and long term residents in hospitals , rehab facilities and nursing homes across the country! The genuine caring attitudes, vast experience and knowledge of our management, customer service staff and account executives will provide our customers with an unprecedented level of service. 

In our most recent years, Legend Medical added nursing students to the growing list of those who will benefit from the products and services which we proudly provide by adding Custom Nursing Skills Lab Kits. These kits provide the clinical skills these future care providers will take with them into the patient care environment. You can see more about this by selecting the “Nursing Education” tab on our home page.

We urge you to compare our prices and especially our service with those of your current supplier. Over 90 percent of orders ship by the next business day. We are committed at Legend to providing you with exceptional pricing  and the service you deserve!

Thank you again for visiting our website. Your questions and comments are always welcomed. Please use the “Contact Us” tab or call us today toll-free at 866-854-9040.


Charles C. Rollins Jr. / President, Legend Medical & Legend Services